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Stéphane Cohen-Scali - Management

Stephane Cohen-Scali is a 30 year professional of the gem and jewellery industry with a distinguished international career. He began his interest in gemmology in 1985, when he joined the family business in Paris, France, after graduating gemmologist in Paris at the “Institut National de Gemmologie de Paris” and graduate jeweller’s programs . Although initially a diamond grader, he quickly transitioned into the Diamond and Gem Identification department.

In 1999, he started at the Institut de l'Expertise training expertise covering the subjects of law, procedures, regulations, methodologies and ethics for the conduct of operations expertise:

  • court (all jurisdictions)
  • insurance (guaranteed contracts conventions)
  • conciliation and mediation agreement participatory process
  • arbitration
  • And became expert in auction house for:

  • Art Nouveau Jewellery
  • Edwardian Jewellery
  • Art Deco Jewellery
  • Georgian Jewellery
  • In 2004 he moved to London and became Director of GEMROAD Ltd an antiques trading jewellery company. At that time, he was travelling and doing exhibition all around the world. In 2006 received a DUG from University Diploma in Gemmology at the Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France). In 2007 he setup the Gemmological Laboratory of Monaco and became the director . During his nearly 10 years at the Gemroad ltd, Stephane oversaw operations, developed key new services, and expanded the scope of GCS LAB operations globally.

    As part of his research activities, he has visited a number of countries, while focusing a great deal of his efforts on the determinations for country-of-origin to be able to compare the new extracted gemstones against the gems mounted on the antiques piece of jewellery. He has also worked extensively on the distinction between treated and non-treated gems, including research on a variety of heating techniques for corundum, HPHT treatment of diamonds, and other treatments

    Charles Carter - Scientific Team

    After a degree in Geology and Biology followed by a biotechnology master (FLST Lille, France), Charles received a University Diploma in Gemmology at the Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France), as well as being a graduate of the National Institute of Gemmology (Paris, France) and HRD Antwerp (Belgium). Charles is our senior gemmologist and is specialised in determining the origin of colored gemstones and analysing of mounted gemstones.

    Dr. Amélie Tabaczek - Scientific Team

    Doctor of Pharmacy (Lille 2 University, France), also a graduate of Geology and Biology (Lille, France), Amélie specialised later in the analysis of pearls and diamonds. As a result of her experience in nuclear medicine services of Claude Huriez Hospital (CHRU Lille, France), she is our radiation protection specialist. As Amélie thinks she never has enough diplomas, she is currently studying for a degree in Advanced gemstones analysis.

    Pr. Gérard Panczer - Scientific Council

    Professor Gérard Panczer is our scientific advisor, he is teaching gemmology at Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France). Gérard holds a Ph.D. in geochemistry and petrology from Louis Pasteur University (Strasbourg, France) & Geological Survey of Israel. He also holds a scientific gemmology certificate form the SSEF, and a graduate of expert gemmologist from Moscow State University (Russia). Gerard is one of the world's leading experts in time-resolved photoluminescence.

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