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Conditions of use

Conditions of use

For the purpose of this agreement the following words shall have the following meanings set cut against them:

  • LABORATORY: Gemmological Certification Services
  • CUSTOMER: An individual company, firm, body or other organization who as owner or agent for the owner entrusts or sends any items for testing for the Laboratory
  • ITEMS: Any gemstones, pearls, stones, or jewellery containing said objets entrusted or sent to the Laboratory
  • REPORT: A verbal statement or printed report which details the results of a Laboratory examination


In order to maintain a low fee schedule the laboratory accepts items for testing under the following conditions:

  1. The Laboratory shall only be liable to a customer for damage or loss of Items to the extent that such loss or damage is due to the proven negligence or proven misdeed or proven fraudulent act or default of an employee of the Laboratory.
  2. Apart from in clause one above, neither the Laboratory nor its employees shall be liable in respect of any loss, damage or expense occasioned by any error, omission, or opinion provided in any Report issued by the Laboratory
  3. The information presented by a Report is the result of testing the Items based on the testing equipment and techniques considered appropriate by the Laboratory at the time the Items are tested. The Laboratory shall not be liable for any differences which may result from the testing of the Items by another party.
  4. A Report is provided for the sole use of the Customer
  5. A Report is not a warranty, guarantee, appraisal or valuation and the Laboratory makes no representations or warranties regarding any Report.
  6. The Laboratory shall only accept Items for testing if the Customer has adequately insured the Items against “All Risks” without recourse against the Laboratory for the period of time during which they are in the possession of the Laboratory.
  7. If a Customer requires insurance, the Laboratory will endeavor to obtain it on the Customer’s behalf and any premium payable and any other expenses incurred in obtaining such insurance shall be payable by the Customer to the Laboratory.


These terms shall be governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English court.