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Please find fees for our different services below. All prices in Pound sterling (GBP), without VAT.

Includes 4Cs assessment, plotted clarity diagram and proportions diagram for loose diamonds. If mounted, please refer to a Jewellery Report

Colourless / Near Colourless

Verbal Report

Colour & clarity grades only£55
Synthetic diamond detection£25
Check Laser Inscription£25

Full Report

0.25 ct to 0.99 ct£80
1.00 ct to 1.99 ct£130
2.00 ct to 2.99 ct£180
3.00 ct to 3.99 ct£260
4.00 ct to 4.99 ct£350
5.00 ct and above£425

Coloured Diamonds

Verbal Report

Colour origin£80
Colour origin & clarity£100

Full Report

0.25 ct to 0.99 ct£125
1.00 ct to 1.99 ct£175
2.00 ct to 2.99 ct£225
3.00 ct to 3.99 ct£305
4.00 ct to 4.99 ct£395
5.00 ct and above£470

Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Paraiba tourmaline, Spinel, Demantoid, Alexandrite, Padparadscha

Verbal Report

Identification £40
Identification, Origin Opinion & Treatment £75

Full Report with treatment disclosure & origin opinion

Up to 2.99 ct £175
3 ct and above £275
Identical gemstones on a jewel +50%
For larger number of stones POA

Tourmaline, Garnet, Chrysoberyl, Topaz, Jadeite, Coral, Amber, Tanzanite, Peridot etc.

Full Report with treatment disclosure

Includes origin opinion when possible £145

Identification Report

Applies to unusual gemstones/materials which are commonly heated or irradiated but whose treatment or lack thereof, is typically not determinable £100
Verbal Report Full Report
One pearl < 5ct £40 £90
One pearl > 5ct £70 £120
Each additional pearl
up to maximum of 10
£10 £25
Pearls Lot POA POA
Pearl Row
up to 20in < 10mm
£95 £185
Pearl Row
up to 20in > 10mm
Each additional 10in £45 £90
Each additional row £65 £125
Full jewel description £100
Metal Testing £25
Reissue Hard Copy Certificate £55
Recheck – if the stone has been taken
out of the setting, recut, repolished,
etc – original report needed
25% Off Discount Price
Request for any other services

An additional charge of 50% will be added if you request an express service – results in 48 Hours if the item is submitted before 12pm.

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