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Coloured Gemstone Professional Diploma

Coloured Gemstone Professional Diploma


This programme is specifically designed for students wishing to pursue a career in the coloured gemstone industry and all its related fields including lab gemmology, jewellery design, jewellery retail, gemstone appraisal, gemstone manufacture, gemstone trading or auction house specialism. 


This diploma covers all coloured gemstones online theory courses and all the coloured gemstones practical classes

  1. Online Theory – Basic Gemmology
  2. Online Theory – Advanced Gemmology 
  3. Online Theory – Coloured Gemstones 
  4. Online Theory – Gem Identification
  5. Practical – Gem Identification #1
  6. Practical – Gem Identification #2
  7. Practical –Lab-Created & Treated Gems
  8. Practical – Coloured Gemstone Grading #1
  9. Practical – Coloured Gemstone Grading #2

Tests (throughout the course)

  • 11 Online Theory Tests 
  • 2 Practical Tests – Identification of 10 gemstones for each

Final Exam

  • Multiple Choice Theory Test – 100 questions
  • Essay Question Test – 5 questions
  • Practical Exam Test – Identifications of 12 gemstones


Upon the successful completion of this program (both theory and practical courses)  you will receive the Coloured Gemstone Professional Diploma.


  • No prerequisite is needed.
  • The theoretical components of this course are available for long distance learning. You can register at any time and study at your own pace. 
  • There are no time restrictions.
  • Price is £4115 (Digital); the courses are also available in print at an additional cost. 
  • No basic gem testing equipment is included in the cost of this course.
  • Please note prices are given before tax. For UK residents VAT (20%) must be added.

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